5 Stitch Small Project Kit

The small project Crack Stitch kit comes with 5 stitches and a single barrel, 9oz tube of epoxy that works with a standard caulk gun.



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Product Details

The Crack Stitch by Fortress revolutionizes concrete crack repair. Using Fortress’ patented ReGrid technology, the carbon fiber / Kevlar® stitches embed in a structural epoxy or cementitious mix and bond to the substrate through a process called Adhesive Riveting Technology. This process creates a mechanical bond from end-to-end in the stitch. It has been both lab and real-world tested to be stronger and more reliable than any other crack repair method.

The Crack Stitch installs with a single saw cut in about 90 seconds per stitch. Gel times will vary from 15 minutes to an hour based on temperature.

Stitches should be installed approximately 12″ apart. For larger cracks, decrease the separation between stitches.