Crack Stitch Warranty Terms & Conditions

This warranty provides for replacement of defective components should a Fortress Crack Stitch fail from lateral crack expansion or workmanship of material due to manufacturer’s defects. Fortress Stabilization Systems conditionally warrants the Crack Stitch for the usable lifetime of the substrate on which it was installed.


The product is covered by warranty only when properly installed using the Fortress adhesive(s) included with the stitches. Crack Stitches must be installed no more than 12” apart to stop further lateral expansion of a crack in concrete or a masonry unit and must be installed in a manner that addresses the expansive direction of the movement of the crack, utilizing the strength of the carbon fiber tows. Should a failure occur, Fortress will replace product at no cost.


EXCLUSIONS: Failure due to acts of nature, including but not limited to: earthquake, flood, and fire, and/or collision by equipment or vehicle, and/or construction to the substrate. Warranty does not apply to movement of concrete or masonry unit in a direction that does not utilize the tensile strength of the Crack Stitch carbon fiber tows, including compression of the crack on which it was installed. If underlying conditions that caused the crack are not addressed, additional cracking may occur in close proximity to the installed Crack Stitches; such additional cracking and related repair costs shall not be covered by this warranty. The Crack Stitch is not a water proofing solution but may be used in conjunction with some water proofing solutions; warranty does not cover failed water proofing installations in which the Crack Stitch was installed.


Fortress authorized installers are not agents of Fortress Stabilization Systems, LLC.


If a warranty issue should arise, contact the installing contractor first, then Fortress at (800) 207-6204 or email us at


Warranties offering coverage of installation labor may be available when using an authorized Fortress contractor. To find an authorized contractor in your area, email us at